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The World Series was Won by the Kansas City Royals

       It is very strange to be writing an article while the Royals not only hold onto a winning record, but they are World Series champions.  Who of my faithful readers thought  I would be writing an article like this?  Even with all my faith in the team, even I didn't see it.
       My interest in the team changed greatly with different events in my life. My dad and I did not see eye to eye on many topics, but we could totally agree on Royals baseball and would watch the team no matter had many times they lost.  Even as I grew into adult age it was how we bonded. Then when he got really really ill he lost interest in the team even as they started to win games regularly. Without his interest in the team mine faded too, and when I lost him to cancer I lost my interest in the team no matter how well they played.  Watching Royals baseball just miss my dad.
        I threw myself into the National League and rooted fully for the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets. (How odd that those were the teams that played the Royals in both World Series Championships?) But I didn't back my local team like I used to.
        I missed the players who used to be on the team. I missed watching Joakim Soria close games and really hated the management staff for letting him go when his injury was from being over-used to help the team win.  I couldn't stand that they would sell off good players for cash instead of keeping them around and building the team around them.
        But all of those things are now in the past. Now the Kansas City Royals are the best team in baseball. 2015 was their year, exactly 30 years from their last Championship in 1985.

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