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Post Season Royals Baseball

 By: Tim Pafford
       The Royals have made it to the American League Championship Series.  You did read that correctly. Our Kansas City Team is only one series win away from going to the World Series.
       As if that is not impressive enough, on its own, they are undefeated thus far in post-season play. From a long Wild Card Game to extra innings to win in the Division Series. This team does not give up.
       The answer past questions I had asked on this blog page... YES, the upgrades to the team have helped find success. Omar has made a very good 2nd baseman, the new starting pitchers have been very effective, and Billy Butler has been a very good 1st baseman and his performance with his bat has been impressive when it mattered most.
        Of course I miss Bruce Chen on the team. He was not a reliever by trade. His style of pitching was really only effective if he was the starter of the game, and did not have much success in a relief roll on the team.  I only hope to see him back in baseball as a starter again in 2015.
          My rekindled love for the Royals started out as my love for watching the games with my dad and watching Joakim Soria close them out. Joakim is no longer with the team and my dad has passed away.
         Part of my distance from Royals baseball has been from being busy with work, family, and my dad's ill health. He has been a die hard Royals fan as long as I have known him and it is where my love of the team and baseball came from.
          It has been hard to watch the games without him. They make me miss him that much more, especially when we have been waiting for a team with a winning record for so very long, let alone a team fighting for a championship.
        Most people will tell me to watch the games and remember him, but it isn't that easy yet. As much as I would love to see a San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals World Series, it will not be the same with out watching it with my dad.

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