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Am I Done With the Royals?

By Tim Pafford
       It maybe shocking to hear from this die hard fan of baseball, but after 2 games into 2014 I may very well be done with the Royals this season. 
         When you read my past articles, you know I support this team. Even when advancing to 3rd place in Pro-Baseball's weakest division came to pass I was stoked because I really liked the players and that felt like a huge step going forward.  That was a team I loved to watch if they won or not.  They entertained me.  Frank White was in the  TV booth, Denny Matthews was on the radio, the starting rotation had an ERA over 5, the bull pen could blow a 5 run lead before recording 2 outs in an inning, and the team just couldn't score runs to save its life.  But they were a fun team to watch.  The players had  character, they were gritty and they made my day to watch them any chance I got.  I didn't care that they were last place-basement dwellers. They were entertaining and I found myself at the ball park any time they were in town or parked I front of a tv or radio to keep up with the team.
         Now, with all the hype around the team to be  contenders this season I am totally fed up with them starting the season 0-2 against a team they have to win against. They were close games, but the only player that remains with the team (that I like) is Bruce Chen.
        You may find me tuning in every 5th game to see his performance, but that maybe all you hear out of me about this team.  1/5th of the season BC I just don't care about "Big-Game James", Billy "Hey Your Refrigerator's Jogging to 1st"  Butler,  or listening to Rex Hudler's non stop love affair with the American war machine as it rolls through the impoverished 3rd world; or how much he loves Jesus BC he has a child with special needs and he was arrested at KCI for marijuana possession.
         I seriously do not care.  It's like listening to an over privileged child with a love for slaughter and the torture of a peace loving hippie drone on and on about how many times he was sent to the minors for under performing while he was a player. Like we should feel sorry for him that his life isn't as privilege as one of the MLB'S most accomplished players. He's paid to talk about America's favorite pastime, on tv, for a very comfortable living!!!  The excess of this team is making me sick.  I'm tires of hearing about the super rich having issues like it actually is relatable by the average fan in Kansas City.
        Good luck Bruce Chen.  Show Kansas City why you should be a pro this many years into your career.  Crafty location & precision wins over raw power with out location any day.
        Good luck Jarod Dyson.  Show em "What speed do" on those base pads.  I hope you're given enough at bats to show what you can do and plenty of time in the outfield so I can see you on highlight reels.
         I'll just be tuning into 610 to listen to Denny Matthews tell of his experiences and his non political views during a broadcast.  He knows it is a game and tells us that while making it one of the most entertaining radio broadcasts out of Kansas City.

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