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No DH in the National Leauge

By: Tim Pafford

       I am a much bigger fan of the National Leauge than the American League.  I love the deeper benches, teams that are more gifted all around with players talented at more than one defensive position.  I also love seeing the pitchers take the bat because one doesn't know what you'll get from their time at the plate.  But I always find it interesting to watch the extra strategies of the National League. 
        Though this could change.  There is talk of bringing the Designated Hitter position to the National League and essentially making the leagues different by title only.
        I'll miss the entertainment of the opposing pitcher making quick work of our team's pitcher.  Or, when he gets over confident, & allows the opposing pitcher to homer.  Or (in the worst case) walks a guy with a batting average usually far under his own body weight!!
        But, this could all change.  This talk of having a designated hitter in the National League as well as the American League, for me, will take so much away from the enjoyment of the 2 types of play and management style that is required for the different leagues.  The differentiation between the different set ups also makes watching the World Series and All-Star games more interesting because it adds those differing elements that each team is not used to dealing with outside of interleauge style play.  It adds that little extra challenge to the mix for both sides for the fans to watch and see how each handle the situation.
        If it comes to a vote, please don't have the National League use a DH.  It would take a huge chunk of the joy of baseball away from me.  To have 2 leagues only separated by a title would make it no better than football's way of distributing teams.  There would be nothing special outside of a political line to choose teams for post season.  Don't let baseball lose one of the unique features that other sports do not have and makes it special to me.

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