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I Still Back Ned Yost

By: Tim Pafford

        While many in Kansas City seem to want to see Ned Yost's head on a platter, and see someone new managing the Royals; I do not see this as the correct solution to the losing problem that has taken ahold of this team.  A change in management will not change the team's output and win-loss record.
         I see Ned working with the team he has.  He is a manager who backs his players to the hilt.  I have never heard Ned through a player "under the bus", nor have I ever heard him make excuses for bad or sloppy playing from his team.  To me, that is the type of baseball manager an AL Central Baseball team needs to find success.  He knows how to work with, and encourage, young players and young talent from his 30 years of experience in the MLB.
          The Royals often have very young players, and many young players go through slumps from their lack of experience in pro-level baseball.  Our Royals just happen to all be hitting an offensive slump at the same time.  Teams do this from time to time.  Even great teams that later went onto post-season play have had this happen to them.  But they knew how to get the lack of runs fixed somehow before they were too far out of contention to make it back into the play-offs.  Some did it with pitching that no one could hit, or they found ways to make the hitting come back to life with field leaving power.
          This Kansas City team has the ability to do both.  The starting staff has great numbers, have shown great success in their pasts, and the offense has shown they can rally and make for huge innings.  The on base percentage isn't the issue.  It is the lack of moving the runner once he gots onto base.  (I am getting flashbacks of the 2008 and 2009 Royals.)  They are having the same issues that team had with a lack of run support when the starter was solid, and an inability to get enough runs across when the pitching was shaky.
         Ned holds is players accountable.  We can see this in his line-up changes, his late innings pinch hitting, his trust in his starting staff, and the sitting of the usual starting position players.  What Ned needs now is a staff who can came together and show that they still have the talent and ability they had at the start of the season.  Changing the guy in charge will not fix the problem, I think it will only add to the issues of inconsistency.

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