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By: Tim Pafford

Art is an attempt to integrate evil.
Simone de Beauvoir
     If art exists to integrate evil, are sports there to dull our senses,  or to exorcize our demons of evil?  Do we see the battle on the field to help us relieve our pains and stresses from the each and every day?  Or, do they work like a drug to help us hide these torments away?
     Billions and billions of dollars are spent every year in the entertainment business.  Each year those who keep us well entertained make more money than any other service in the United States.  Should this make us question our values system?  Are we using sports and entertainment to keep us blind of real danger  and pitfalls?
       I hope not.  I love baseball and the skill and art that go into the game.  This is a game like no other game common to the United States.  This game does not have loads of contact between the players, but when there is contact between the players it is a dramatic part of the play of the game.  This is a game of great tradition and honor found rarely in our time and was used to break ground far outside the walls of the playing field.
       But does it distract us too much, now?  That is a question of the individual.  Do we let too much go when we are enjoying our pastime?  Do we not see the horrors and the violence around us each and everyday?  Do we forget the violent crimes that took place just mear feet from where we are now enjoying a sport?
       I know we are there to forget these horrors.  But let us not forget our duty to man-kind while we are there.  We must take stands through this sport for the betterment of ourselves and our communities.
       Look at those who do, like former Royal Jeremy Affeldt or former Met R. A. Dickie.  These men use their stage and platform to raise awareness, and funds, for programs they feel strongly for.  We can not be conscientious Americans and not take their lead and do something bigger than ourselves.  We'll be glad we did.

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