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New Players, Old Situations

By Tim Pafford

       With Post-Season baseball in full swing the Royals players find themselves gearing up to join them in 2013.  Just like they did for 2012 and 2011ish.  But this time they are doing it from the perspective of a team that did not finish last in their division. 
       Unlike year's past,this year they are on the outside window looking in and not on the other side of the street using bonaculars to just see inside the window.  This time around may just be "Their Time".
        The marketing teams for the Kansas City Royals really jumped the gun this year with the claim of 2012 being "Our Time"...  But, when one looked at the staff playing for 2012, the coaching, and the progress from 2011, everyone had a good reason to think that this could be a great year.  Then the injuries happened....
        Joakim Soria, 2 time All-Star and a man who found himself on the same ballot for the Cy Young award as then team-mate Zack Greinke needed to have Tommy John's Surgery on his throwing elbow for the 2nd time in his career.   Then,  2 more pitchers needed the same surgery.  Both of them starters.  Already the weakest link in the Royals campaign for the post-season. And to cap it off, the team losses 12 straight once they come home to KC....  Ouch, even the die-heards where skeptical at that point.

        The season wasn't a total wash.  Some new players showed why they deserved to play pro-baseball.  None of them stayed for a long tenure, but that was not the importance of their appearences.  They gave Ned Yost a chance to see where the team was headed and where it's best potential for growth, and substituations, could lie.
         The team did finish out of the bottom basement of baseball for the 1st time in several years.  Injured players made great recoveries and played exceptional baseball upon thier retun to the playing field.  Plus, the All-Star game was in Kansas City for the 1st time since the 1970's.
        Fans of baseball will have more comming to them in 2013.  March will be here soon enough.  Joakim is showing great progress: Status Report on Soria.  Cain and Perez are back.  All pitchers who undertook Tommy Jon's Surgery are making positive recoveries and the Royals lead baseball in being the hardest team to strike out.  Getting all the peices to align in the nest step, and hitting the ball into a gap, will come with proffessional experience. 

Here's to 2013! 



Post-season bound are our Royals of the next year???

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