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Nearing That Mid-Way Point

By Tim Pafford

        Well, "Our Time" is here.  We have the ALL-Star Game here during the week of July 10th.  But I am not sure if this is the year that the Royals go Post-Season.
        I am not one to ever bad mouth my Kansas City team.  But, the Royals have not been playing like they need to be a contender.  Some of our players have played well enough to deserve Post-Season births.  But the team as a whole has let these players down.
         I was skeptical of Mike Moustakas when he 1st came up to the Royals.  His batting needed help and his fielding was scary on many plays.  But this season, he has shown some incredible growth.  His plays at 3rd base  have been high-light reel capable.  Plus his times at the plate have been producing like never before.  I can only hope he is voted into the ALL-Star Game.
       Eric Hosmer seems to be in a slight slump.  I can't help to see him breaking it soon.  But the sooner the better.  Both he and Alex Gordon have been choking with runners in scoring position far too many times this season.  I would have to say there would be at least 8 more wins on the season if these two had come through when they were depended on to produce.
       The same can be said of our faithful Right-Fielder this season!  Jeff needs to find the rythem he had last season.
        I remember that the Royals  used to struggle with relief pitching.  This is an aspect that has found some solidification.  Now the struggle is to find a Starter that can go 7+ innings without giving up too many runs to catch back up.  Our "Aces" are not exactly "Acey" of late.  But when they are, the run support is atrocious.

       I never give up on my Royals, but I am starting to feel very akin to fans of Da Cubs.  It is getting rough.  The talent is there, but it isn't together enough in critical games.  This is what will turn the Royals from a loosing teams to contenders.


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