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Frank White is Fired from Broadcast Booth

By Tim Pafford

        Frank White has been a part of Kansas City baseball since the 1970's.  Even after leaving the field as a player he returned to coach, manage, and work within the broadcasting booth as the fill-in when Paul Splittorff became too ill to continue his work.  Why would any front office let go of a loved, living legend, when he was more than willing to remain and lend his vast knowledge of the game to fans during a year that could be the best in recent Royals history?  I do not know.
        When I presented the news of White's dismissal from the booth, she cried.  I know I also had a feeling deep inside my guts of sad disrespect to one of Kansas City's best baseball players.  The man has 8 Golden Glove awards and is one of only 2 players in Royals history to have their number retired.  (There are three numbers on the wall, but #10 is Dick Howser's number in memory of when he was managing the 1985 World Series victors.)
         Frank White has also been quoted as saying that he will never return to Royals baseball in any form because of this bold dismissal of his commentating talents.  He was said to have been "too negative" in his broadcasts, but I only saw him picking apart the plays as they happened.  He would point out how a play could have been made better by either team's defense.   I never noticed him picking on the Royals any more than their play dictated.  They have finished last, or tied for last, for several seasons in a row in a division that does not have a dominate team.  I don't know of any commentator who could find many bright spots in a team losing that many games a year.  (I also don't remember Paul Splittorff  being particularly cheerful during seasons of 90+ losses on the year.)   So why punish a man for speaking the truth?  I know I would rather hear a commentator speak their mind than platitudes for a team that was not playing well.  I only hope there is an organization out there some where that will take up Frank White's talent and pay him what he deserves.


  1. This is so disrespectful to one of our few Royal's Legends. In my opinion he was not critical enough. As some one who watches a lot of games I prefer to have an announcer who tells it like it is, so i know my frustration is shared. That's why Len can be critical of the Chiefs, because he has done it here and is entitled to say what he feels. Frank was the same, he earned the privilege to speak as he feels about the organization. Congratulations to management for continuing to disappoint. If there is one thing I love for my club to have... consistency.

  2. Lately the royals show alot of potential on the field. Too bad those making the decisions seem inept at putting it all together. Midwest mediocrity happy to stand still while others lead the way. I left kc back n 92 n 2 this day am a loyal royals and chiefs fan. Kc is too conservative and always will b. No one can argue with history. At least the chiefs management actually produce a quality product now and then. Cowards are afraid to change and are content with merely existing. Leaders promote vision and doing what it takes to succeed even if that means change. Feank white was a winner and doesn't need to b around losers! Shake the dust off your feet Mr. White and thanks for the memories. Kc management good luck on another 100 loss season.

  3. Frankly, I loved Frank! He was great in the booth and in the field. A sad day when he was fired... And have you heard the guy who replaced him... Sadder still...

  4. I felt that Mr. White was a asset to the booth. I enjoyed his knowledge of the game and came off as a real person...someone to whom the fans can relate. Acting cheerful and fake not something the real fan is after and in fact becomes more annoying than someone who is critical (not saying Mr. White was that critical person). Taking him from the booth was a bad decision. Much better comentary in last year's broadcast


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