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American as Baseball, and as True as Any Trend.

By Tim Pafford

       America is a country that has been through many hardships, wars, financial crisis, internal conflict, ownership of human beings, financial prosperity, intellectual accomplishment, and great sports.  From not wanting to pay  for Britain's protection of the colonists against the French and Indians, to fighting for independence to be its own country, through two World Wars, and to the current fights and occupations that are causing renewed financial hardships to today's Americans; through those times of woe,  sports brought the American public back together.  From its inception, that sport has been baseball.
        From the days of the Yankee's super star teams of the 1920's, to the Mets winning the World Series with heavy reliance on Kansas Citian  David Cone, to the I-70 Series of 1985,  to the events and stadium draws of today, the common denominator has been the game of baseball.  No matter how hard life and money making happened to be, the game of baseball helped bring Americans back together as a unified group.  Groups would root, root, root for opposing teams.  But they were there to watch those two teams play baseball.  It did not matter if those differing persons in the stadium felt that the conflict of war, or financial struggle, was moral, sane, insane, just or unjust; they were there to put those worries and struggles away for the time it took two teams to play nine innings of America's pass-time, baseball.   They took in each pitch and swing of the bat with their fellow man and they forgot of why they hated each other.
        Political lines blurred. The owner of the factory was in the same park, drinking the same beer, as the husband or wife who worked the line .  The officer and the criminal knew they were "off the job" and could stand united in this one facet of entertainment before life went back to its usual course.  Brothers could cheer together, or take opposing views.  But all in all, they knew it was just a game.
        A game of passion, of sweat, and occasional blood in the name of fame and glory.  "Did you see that catch?"  "Did you catch that no-hitter?"  "Did you see him hit the game winning home-run off that ace pitcher?"  "Is the ace still an ace?"  These are the same questions asked today during our time of renewed struggles.  Once again, it is the game of baseball that brings America back together as a nation of one heart and one competitive spirit.

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