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By Tim Pafford

       For those who follow me on Twitter (@TimPafford), and have been curious abut the "hash mark" #BruceJuiceChen, let me explain:

       This hash mark reference goes back to the 1990's sitcom "Family Matters", best known as featuring a black family from Chicago.  They go through life's up's and down's as a goofy and strong willed family.  The wacky events brought on by their pesky neighbor Steven Urkel only help to frustrate and entertain the family and audience.
       Carl and Urkel where trapped in a warehouse, by a groups of thugs, in one episode.  Urkel had his newest laboratory set up with new scientific concoctions including one potion called "Bruce Juice".  He had yet to test this byproduct of his scientific genius before thugs broke in to hold him and Carl hostage while waiting for a criminal meet-up after nearby robbery.
       After being harassed and threatened for hours, Urkel convinces the group of thugs to allow himself and Carl to drink the solution as a way to entertain the group of thugs until their business was complete.  Urkel states that he does not totally know what famous Bruce it could be, but suggests that it is a Bruce from the entertainment world such as Bruce Springsteen.  When he and Carl drink it, Urkel admits that it was "Bruce Lee Juice" (pronounced "Bruce Wee") and transforms Carl and himself into Bruce Lee-esque fighters who beat up the thugs holding them hostage to save the day as a hilarious and entertaining duo.

        I can not help but to see Bruce Chen's last two seasons being much the same way.  Health issues and plain bad luck caused issues in his professional playing career.  Most had written him off and made jokes of his signing to the Kansas City Royals.  But he proved that he learned and worked very hard while recovering from Tommy John's surgery to be better than he had ever been before.  What else can one expect from a baseball player with a college education and one who fluently speaks four languages?  He proves that he is one smart man while being able to outsmart batters when he knows he can not over power them with fast ball pitches.
        It maybe a stretch, but I see his pitching approach being much like Urkel outsmarting those thugs with his "Bruce Juice" concoction when Bruce Chen is on the mound.   May the fan of the Kansas City Royals only see more success from this veteran Left-handed pitcher with a great sense of humor and a passion for Kansas City baseball and its fans.

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