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Opening Day Has Nearly Arrived

By Tim Pafford

        Opening Day's game is only hours away.  Kansas City has mixed feelings of what could be this 2011 season.  Some are saying that it will be more of the same; The Royals will have another loosing season and will stay well below a .500 record, again.  Others are as optimistic as stating that their team will be play-off bound.  I happen to be in the middle, but closer to the optimism than the pessimism that divides the current fans of the Kansas City Royals.
        I look to the record they posted in pre-season of 18-10-1.  This is one of the best records any team obtained during the Spring Exhibition Games.  Long time fans of the team saw base running  that was greatly improved from years past.  Batting was the same consistent high average the Royals are used to attaining.  But now, the team have found a formula to move runners into scoring position and drive them in in ways that have been lacking in the recent past.  Defense has also been more consistent with defensive plays being executed at a much more professional level with quick reaction times.
        Others look at the inconsistency of the starting pitching staff.  They see high ERA's and inconcistancies in quality pitches, especially from Vin Mazzaro and Luke Hochevar.  I see consistency from Bruce Chen and Jeff Francis with the new sight of left handed starters playing for the Royals.  The team also has much more speed while running the bases and in the outfield. This can be a great asset to help pad other weaknesses that occur in a team consisting of younger players that will need to compensate for mistakes.
        I will continue to root for my favorite team of the A.L. and love every inviting moment at The "K".  Family will be with me as I use the time during the games to reflect on my favorite sport; and think of the child that will be quickly changing my life at just around the Mid-Season mark.  Time will be the deciding factor for the Royals and myself.  I hope the best for both, and I know full well neither will fall for a lack hard fought trying and support to achieve much anticipated and highly-set goals in up-hill challenges.  These potential successes will be great pleasures to those who have been wishing for these events the most, and no one should listen to those who doubt when success can be so close to a very achievable achievement situation.  

Go, Royals.  Give it all you've got, and those who love you will never be disappointed.

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