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A Season in Review

 By Tim Pafford

        What a season it was. Records were broken and goals were met. Perseverance held strong and short ordering came to fruition. Joakim Soria beat every Royals closer record yet written. Zack Grienke held a Royals' Sy Young tradition of having a losing record the year after receiving the Sy Young award.  Bruce Chen shocked even the most seasoned; and that was just from the pitching staff.
       Batting was better than it has been for several years. (Now it is just a matter of getting runners home from scoring position.). The Royals had the best team batting average in The AL for most of the season.  That was until injuries and new player  placements took away experience and performance. But that is what we have come to expect during a losing season on an under-funded team. 
       David Glass needs to learn that he can not run a professional sports team like Wal-Mart. A few aces-in-the-hole cannot carry a team to consistent victory at this level. Every spot must be as top tier as Soria and always as good as the batters during their flashes of greatness. (Bentancourt broke the Royals record for most grand-slams in a single season and was tied for the most in the AL all season.). Consistency is now the major down fall. (We saw Yunie's batting average fall down the stairs at the end of the season.). But that will happen when the moral of a team falls down shortly after the All-Star Break hopefulness is crushed with several months still left to play.
         But several did not stop.  Great pitching came from Bruce Chen and Joakim Soria.  Even Dusty Hughes put up some good numbers in the innings he was a reliever.  We saw some of the best work of the season come out of  each of these men as the season ran down.  Now, if only the last game was not a blown save by Soria this could be a perfect part of the story where his consecutive save record would extend into next year......
        But those in Kansas City have learned of the dedication and selfless hard work of Joakim Soria.  We know he will spend his off season learning, and perfecting his already nearly perfect craft, so that no save will be lost in 2011.  Here's to next year and the hopes that ride on them till opening day.

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