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Down Hill?

 By Tim Pafford

      Well they did it.  The Royals have finally done it.  Even I can't say I will be
 able to stay positive  for the rest of this season.  I can usually find a ray of sunshine in even the darkest pit when it involves the Royals; but now the  announcement of Willie Bloomquist's trade to the Reds, it is going to be hard to want to watch.  He was the only consistent player who was not a full time pitcher.  (And he was my wife's favorite non-pitcher.)
         The last game played against the White Sox had the Royals leading by 6 before the Sox could swing a bat, but the Royals found a way to loose by 6 in only a handful of innings.
       I really can't blame the players.  Most of them are too young to have enough experience to be able to be good ball players, yet.  Then, those who were putting up great numbers were traded off or became injured.  I am to the point of nearly agreeing with Zack that he needs to go to a team worth his talent.  He can not hang-out getting too-old with a team who can't keep enough good players to have a winning team.  Nor can Joakim Soria.  A winning record is a step that seems an unachievable feat right now.  And a Pennant Race seems like a pipe dream out of a 60's Grateful Dead concert at this point.
        But, nor do I blame the team management.  They train and work with the players they do have.  I have never heard of any player, who played for the Royals, who did not say they learned a great level that assisted them into the rest of their careers in baseball.  Heck, Dusty's coaching of first base has nearly been legendary.
       I blame the owner and the General Manager.  I have written before Right Here about how David Glass has never shown any of the talent Mr. Kauffman did.  Nor does he show that he will.  The Royals need an owner that wants a winning baseball team and not a half-rate cash cow.
       I am even starting to feel that much sorrier for great former  players like Frank White and Paul  Splittorff when they commentate. You can hear it in their voices that they long for the team performance and stats they  gave their all for back when they were All_-Stars and played for the Royals.  Any more, those two elements only flicker briefly before they are snuffed out, or misused.
       Maybe next year.  But I will not be holding my breath!  Not until the Royals are under new ownership!!  Do I have a bidder!?!

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