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Farnsworth Moved to Atlanta

By Tim Pafford

       Just as Kyle Farnsworth finally seemed to be returning to the former glory of his youth ( the Royals) he is traded.  He was coming back into his own and could be relied upon as a set-up 8th inning man.  His solid pitches had increased from two to four or five, and his speed was back up into the upper 90's and triple digits.
      It is pretty sad (for all I have written about his need for improvement, or a need to be shipped out) that he does improve, and the Royals management decide to send him packing!  If they were going to send him to another team, why not do it last season when he was the cause of many of the teams losses?  He was one of baseball's worst set-up men, last year. But, they paid him well over his worth or weight pull!  Once he does start to earn his pay and pull his weight they give away all that has been invested into Farnsworth!
       It has been nice to see the twelve year veteran return to some of his past glory, while a Royal, during 2010.  This added humor and relief to games I went to this year.  When he come out, every one I knew would say, "Well, now we are doomed."  But he'd become a player the team could depend on, and win games while pitching some pretty impressive innings to set-up for Joakim Soria and the win.
        He moves to the Atlanta organization.  Some predict that the Braves are headed to the World Series.  Few who have read my work would ever think that I would be saddened by Kyle's relief from the team....  But I will actually miss Kyle Farnsworth, and only wish him success and triumph with The Braves.  If they make it to the World Series, Royals fans can have a player to cheer for.

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