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Royals 2010 Preview

By Tim Pafford

'Tis the off season. The World Series has just come to a close and now it is time to speculate on what the next season has in store for our Kansas City Royals. We must first look to this past season to start our anticipations for next season.

The season started off strong. The Royals found themselves in first place against some good teams. Until injuries plagued the team it looked as though this could be a season unseen since the 1980’s. For what it is worth they did do well. The Royals found themselves leading, at some point, in nearly all of their games. But the dreaded eighth inning seemed to take them out of more games than they had time to recover from. When they could make it out of the eighth and into the ninth, they put in one of the best closers in baseball, and came up with the win thirty times.

I feel the Royals could use what took place in ‘09 and turn it around to make themselves a pennant chasing team for the 2010 season. When things were good, they were really good. With two pitchers having some of the best stats in the sport, and members of the team growing as players and putting impressive stats up on the board shows that the Royals are growing as a team.

Butler had his best season yet. He broke all of his old records with a .301 batting average and was a driving force in the offence of the team with 93 RBIs. But those are only his offensive numbers. He was a force to contend with as he worked first base and was always a dependable team player.

Yuniesky Bentancourt did not start with the team until mid-season, but was able to put up impressive numbers while he was in the game. With a .351 batting average and 49 RBIs he was another member of the team to contribute beneficial numbers for the Royals. Plus, his nearly flawless command of second base helped to procure many double plays for the defense.

Another player who came in strong at the end of the season was Robinson Tejeda. When he was used as a starter at the end of the season, he only allowed one run. Then, when he was used during the eighth inning, he seemed to be the answer to the Royal’s struggle to hold the lead. If he learns from his strong points this season, he will be one of the Royals’ best pitchers for 2010 and could be used to help where the Royals did find themselves lacking.

2010 looks good for the Royals. If they take what was strong and learn from what went wrong, 2010 could be looking for the Royals to contend like never before. Look at it this way, even when they were not their best, they beat the team who won the World Series- and it was not just luck. With confidence and experiences, ball teams grow to become champions. 2010 looks to be the season for our Kansas City Royals to step up and become one of those teams. They have the players, they have the leadership, and they have the fans. Let’s sit back and watch our Boys in Blue do what they can do!

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